Fund Details
PGSA Academic Conference Grant 2019


The PGSA Academic Conference Grant applications has a closing date of the first of each month from February to November. Application round for February opens when the university reopens in January.

History or background of award

In 2010, the PGSA began offering travel grants for research students to gain experience presenting at international conferences (formerly the “PGSA Travel Grants”).

In 2015, the PGSA reconfigured the PGSA Travel Grants to ensure improved equitable distribution of funds and increased numbers of successful candidates.

In 2019, the PGSA restructured the PGSA Academic Conference Grants as untagged travel grants to provide successful candidates the freedom to utilise the funds to cover costs associated with international conference attendance.

Purpose of award

The purpose of the PGSA Academic Conference Grant is to provide current Victoria University of Wellington postgraduate students with funds to assist with travelling for international academic conferences.

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Required Documents and References:

  • A CV (not more than three pages)
  • A personal statement (not more than 500 words) outlining what and how the grant will be used for, as well as details about conference (topic, date, location, etc.)
  • Confirmation and support from a current Supervisor

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
11 Mar 2019
Deadline Date (NZST Time Zone):
1 Nov 2019 4:30 PM